Our staff

„A good educator who does not force but rather liberates,
does not pull but rather lifts up, does not press but rather shapes,
does not dictate but rather teaches, does not demand but rather asks –
will experience many inspiring moments with children.”

Janusz Korczak

Our teaching staff includes experienced educators, who adapt their working methods to each pupil’s needs and capacities, thus fostering their development.

Teachers working at our school:

  • encourage activity and cooperation
  • stimulate creativity and curiosity
  • appreciate all, even the smallest, achievements of a child
  • teach sensitivity and politeness
  • set examples of proper behaviour and act as role models for the children.

The Principal of the PWN Bilingual Elementary School

Magdalena Bedyńska – the Principal of the PWN Bilingual Elementary School. She was the founder and the first principal of several schools in Warsaw, such as the Bednarska Elementary School or the Family Alliance Elementary School and Middle School No. 3.

A qualified methodologist of French language teaching and a certified examiner of the new baccalaureate, for 8 years, she was the Council of Europe’s Expert for foreign language teaching. She has long-term experience as a teacher of French at the Narcyza Żmichowska Bilingual General Secondary School and the Bednarska General Secondary School No. 1, and as a lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics and Lazarski University.

She has been awarded the Medal of the Commission of National Education and the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. She is passionate about working with children and adolescents, and enjoys conceptual and organisational work. Loves mountain hikes, nature, all forms of physical activity, good music and literature.

Katarzyna Wojtas – vice-principal of Dwujęzyczna Szkoła Podstawowa PWN, educational psychologist. For six years she worked as the Head of Primary in Bilingual Primary School of Academy International, then for one year as a vice-principal of the british school and the vice-principal of an alternative school in Poznań.
She holds a master’s degree in en educational psychology (MA in Psychology from Warsaw University), early years education teacher, qualified to teach in English as well. She has a nine years experience of working as a school psychologist on all steps of educational system – high school, gymnasium, primary schools and preschools.
Her passion is to work with children, work with all family systems, mental arithmetic and sport – she was an active volleyball player for many years, she also loves skiing. A happy mother of a two and a half year old son.

Katarzyna Szumska – teacher of form I

Since I was a child, I have always adored playing school. I obviously always acted as a teacher, whether my pupils were my colleagues or my stuffed animals. My interest has not gone away with age, which is why I chose to study at the Faculty of Education at the University of Warsaw. It allowed me to develop my interests, search for new paths and, which is equally important, get to know the “absurdities” of education. At a certain stage of my life, I became passionate about editing. I am lucky to be able to combine two of my most important and most interesting career paths.

When I am at home, I love reading books… including those for children. I am very curious about the world, and especially the world of nature and art.

Agnieszka Godlewska – Reception Form teacher

I have always wanted to be a teacher. To pursue the occupation of my dreams, I decided to study at the Faculty of Education at the University of Warsaw. For five years, I was fortunate enough to study at this wonderful institution and learn from the best. I started my professional career at a kindergarten. As I enjoy challenges and as changes fuel my growth, I decided to take a shot at becoming a teacher of forms 0-3. I have been developing my skills as a teacher of early school and preschool education for 14 years.

I am a mum of two children: Sebastian and Lenka. My hobbies include reading books, cooking and doing jigsaw puzzles. I greatly value the time spent with my family.

Marta Maciejewska – teacher of English

In my teaching career I went through all the stages – from preschool to the university. I graduated from the University of Warsaw, where I studied at two faculties – English Language Teaching and American Culture Studies. I also received the University of Cambridge CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) with Pass A. I hold a Montessori teacher diploma and non-violent communication (NVC) certificates. In my scarce free time I love reading American poetry and Polish crime stories, practicing yoga and woodworking, but in fact I spend most of it walking my adopted dog, Gabryś.

Marc McKee – Native Speaker

I came to Poland some years ago as a volunteer student teacher in a UNESCO summer camp, and came back again for 3 nice summer months.

With my love of Baltic sunsets, an interest in Polish history, and the taste of makowiecz cake, I arrived back in Poland after my studies in London to try and have a less formal approach to learning a second language.

I have been helping children to speak English in Warsaw for many years, and if possible, I love to get them involved in baking a cake, or perhaps some cookies.

Marta Sapijaszko – teacher of physical education

I graduated from pedagogy and physical education and completed a postgraduate course in preventive physiotherapy and posture correction. I try not to stand still and I am always eager to expand my knowledge.

I have been working with children for years, doing my best to encourage them to share my greatest passion – SPORTS. I adore every form of physical activity. I was practising karate for many years, and for three years now I have been training in rollerskating and speed skating.  I also run long distances, ride a bicycle, ski, swim, sail, practise mountain climbing and canoeing. I am very glad that my family is as passionate about sports as I am. We all get very emotional when it comes to participation in competitions.

Sports have made me self-confident and aware of my power to overcome my weaknesses and the adversities of life. Sports have made me believe that almost anything is possible.

The outdoors is where I belong. Mountains and sea make me feel free and fuel me with the energy I need to face everyday challenges.

I spend my leisure time practising sports or, when I am not in motion, cooking or reading travel novels.

Magdalena Swat – teacher of music and eurhythmics

A qualified teacher of eurhythmics, theory of music and piano. Graduate of the Academy of Music in Łódź and the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music. I gained my teaching experience while working as a teacher of eurhythmics and theoretical subjects at music schools and kindergartens. I also run my own workshops and cultural animations for children in various Polish cities.
In work with children, it is the observation of my pupils’ progress and the smiles on their faces in my classes that give me the greatest satisfaction. All of my hobbies, except for educational work, are focused around music. In my free time, I love composing pieces in different styles and songs for children. I am also passionate about piano improvisation, which allows my pupils to witness live creation of music and makes the children even more interested in my classes.

Stanisław Praczukowski – chess instructor

Ever since I can remember, I have played chess. It soon became my passion and my way of life. I deeply believe that knowledge needs to be shared, which is why I am willing to share my experience and training methods with children. Apart from purely technical skills, chess has taught me hard work and sacrifice on the way to achieve a goal. It has also made me who I am – it made me understand that my every movement has both good and bad consequences. I am presently a candidate for national master and a certified instructor of the Polish Chess Association.[: