Regulations of Extra-Curricular Activities

  1. Zajęcia prowadzone są przez nauczycieli lub firmy zatrudnione przez Dyrektora of the PWN Bilingual Elementary School.
  2. The activities can be conducted on weekdays from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  3. Individual groups will start their activities when the minimum number of participants for a given activity has been reached. If the number of the participants is lower, the group can start its activity but its costs will increase accordingly.
  4. The participant has the right to one free-of-charge trial activity. After taking part in such an activity and deciding to sign up for the activities, an advance fee is to be paid for the specific number of the activities in a semester. If the payment is not confirmed, the child cannot participate in subsequent activities.
  5. The organiser provides the number of activities in each semester. The activities that will not take place due to the Organiser (disease of the teacher or other unforeseen circumstances) are to be rescheduled and conducted at the end of the semester. The participants of the cancelled activities will under the supervision of the common room staff.
  6. The organiser does not return money for absences at the fault of the participant (disease, travel).
  7. Children are guided to activities by the common room teacher and are brought over by them back to the common room after the activities end. Only the common room teacher has the right to allow an authorised person to take the child home.
  8. The children cannot be collected by their parent during the activities.
  9. The teacher/instructor who conducts the activities is responsible for the child throughout the activities. He/she does not have the right to decide to allow the child to be collected by a person who wants to collect it.
  10. In the case of resignation from the activities, the organiser will not return the money paid for the activities.