Cambridge Primary

PWN Elementary School implements the contents of the Cambridge Primary programme.

Thanks to the bilingualism programme implemented in pre-school years, children at the age of 6 begin learning English (Global English) and selected elements of science and mathematics (Maths) at level 1 (Stage 1). These subjects are taught entirely in English.

In the following years, the implementation of the Cambridge programme is continued and complements the Polish core curriculum, taking into account the individual needs and capabilities of students.

Cambridge Primary offers a wide range of subjects as well as flexibility in their use, which makes it possible to adapt the programme to the requirements of the Polish core curriculum. The assumptions of the programme, modern teaching methods and the opportunity to cooperate with Cambridge schools around the world enable students to acquire knowledge at the highest level and in an international environment.

The mission of our school is education that awakens an unflagging curiosity of the world and a passion for learning throughout life in every child. The Cambridge Primary programme accompanies us on this path, supporting students in building confidence, responsibility, commitment, and the ability to think critically.