Project-based learning

The best way to learn is through first-hand experience. The method that implements this approach is the Project-Based Method.

„Brainstorming” is the central tool of the method. A small child usually asks adults lots of questions. When a child starts school, they unfortunately get used to learning only what the teachers tell them to as part of their homework. Soon the child concludes that passing tests and getting grades are the only purposes of going to school.

W Dwujęzycznej Szkole Podstawowej PWN chcemy podtrzymać i rozwinąć u dziecka jego naturalną motywację i ciekawość świata. Zachęcamy dziecko do stawiania pytań i uczymy, jak szukać na nie odpowiedzi. Dajemy dziecku możliwość doświadczania, eksperymentowania, współpracowania w grupie i rozwiązywania konkretnych problemów.

  • Participation in projects teaches teamwork, ingenuity and innovation, as well as responsibility for one’s work, perseverance and patience. It drives curiosity about the world and gives a lot of joy from work and play with peers.
  • Project topics and scenarios are based on children’s actual interests, their natural curiosity and fascination with the surrounding world.