Programme assumptions

PWN Bilingual Elementary School jest szkołą niepubliczną o uprawnieniach szkoły publicznej. Oznacza to, że prowadzi zajęcia określone w ramowym planie nauczania dla szkoły publicznej, realizując obowiązujące podstawy programowe, stosując się do zasad klasyfikowania i promowania uczniów obowiązujących w szkołach publicznych, a także zatrudniając nauczycieli posiadających kwalifikacje określone dla nauczycieli szkół publicznych.

We suggest the PWN Bilingual Elementary School because:

  • we create a child-friendly educational and pedagogical environment. Children like going to our school because this is a place where they feel safe, liked, respected and taken seriously;
  • we educate people who are reasonable, aware of their own value, creative, independent, not afraid to take initiative and pursue their dreams. We do not want to send stressed and imitative young people into the world, who can recite definitions learned by heart from their textbooks, but who fear for their future;
  • instead of grade averages, we value a child’s development, motivation, curiosity about the world and drive to explore its mysteries. These values and traits will be most useful to a child at further stages of education and also in adult life. We do not evaluate children on the basis of their grade average or unhealthy competition with their colleagues;
  • we offer them interesting projects, show a broad range of possibilities and teach them how to make the right choices. We are a school that does not restrain children’s natural curiosity about the world, but rather learns how to seek and find answers to their questions;
  • we cooperate with parents: we act together because the good of the children is our common goal. We therefore follow the rules that we have jointly developed; We therefore follow the rules that we have jointly developed;
  • At our school, a foreign language is not just another school subject that needs to be passed with a good grade. It is a tool that enables communication with other people, an indispensable aid in personal and professional life lived in today’s world, where different languages and cultures intertwine.

To achieve these goals, we teach our pupils that:

  • each member of the school community has both rights and responsibilities,
  • every decision and choice has real consequences,
  • we are responsible for every word we utter and every commitment we make.

We show that:

  • the world is diverse,
  • every human being deserves respect,
  • dialogue is key to solving conflicts,
  • cooperation is more effective that competition,
  • it is important to ask questions and seek answers to them,
  • each of us has an influence on our reality.