Rules of admission to the PWN Bilingual Elementary School in the school year 2018/2019

  1. Admission to form I of the PWN Bilingual Elementary School in the school year 2019/2020 starts on 2 November 2018.
  2. We will admit children born in 2013 or, in exceptional cases, children born in the first half of 2013.
  3. We also admit children born in 2012 to the reception form in the kindergarten, as well as supplementary admission to form II.
  4. In 2019/2020, it will be possible to establish form IV at the School.
  5. Any information on the school, its education programmes and admission procedures will be provided by the School’s Principal during meetings which will be held on 29 November 2018, 17 January 2019 at 5:30 PM.
  6. Parents who are interested in their child’s admission to the PWN Bilingual Elementary School should submit a completed Application Form to the secretary’s office or send a scanned copy via email to
  7. The order in which applications are filed does not influence a child’s admission to the School.
  8. In admission to form I, priority is given to the graduates of the PWN Kindergarten and the siblings of pupils attending the Bilingual Elementary School or the graduates of the PWN Non-Public Day Care. However, the School reserves the right to refuse the admission of a graduate of the PWN reception form or a pupil’s sibling.
  9. Elements influencing the decision to admit a candidate are:
    1. the School Principal’s interview with a candidate’s parents;
    2. parents’ acceptance of the Statute, School Regulations, the Education Programme and the Forming Agreement the School concludes with pupils’ parents;
    3. trial week which a child spends in the reception form or in the PWN Non-Public Day Care at 1, Rostafińskich Street.
  10. A child participates in the trial week after the parents’ admission interview with the Principal and after settling the payment.
  11. A decision on whether or not to admit a child to school will be made within two weeks from the end of the admission procedure. The parents will be informed of the decision by email.
  12. Results of admission interviews and trial week are the Principal’s, the Teachers’ and the Pedagogues’ subjective opinions. The School does not issue any opinions concerning children or any written explanations of the decision to accept or reject a candidate.
  13. The principal does not hold individual meetings with a candidate’s parents before the admission interview. Information about the school are provided at information meetings.
  14. Parents may visit and inspect the school building directly before or after information meetings or during the school year after making prior arrangements.
  15. Within up to two weeks after receiving information on the admission of the child to the school, parents sign a reservation agreement and pay an admission fee of PLN 1000 (in the case of a child admitted to the reception form) or PLN 2000 (in the case of a child admitted to form I, II or III) to the school’s bank account.
  16. Failure to sign the reservation agreement and to pay the admission fee within two weeks results in the child’s immediate removal from the list and the admission of another candidate.