Extra-curricular activities

Free extra classes: yoga, computer class, board games and creative thinking class will commence on 1 Oct 2019.

Children from groups of 3, 4 and 5-year-olds – please sign up through the teachers or via email.

Students from grades 0,1 and 2 – please sign up through the teachers, via e-mail or via the electronic Librus journal.

  • Paid extra classes: robotics, ceramics, chess, football, judo, dance and ballet, tennis and yoga conducted by instructors from external companies for the next two weeks, i.e. 1-11 Oct 2019, will take place in the form of demonstration classes for individual groups.

We will keep you updated on the dates and times of the classes.

Please sign up for them through the teachers.

The minimum number of participants required for a class to starts is 6 (except for tennis classes).

After updating the lists of people willing to attend classes, we will publish a schedule of classes which will depend on the number of registered children.

Please consider the classes carefully because participation in selected classes will be valid until the winter holidays.

After this date you will be able to change the class or continue attending the previously selected one(s).